Minutes A.G.M September 2017

Held at Workingmans Club WSM.

Committee attendance:-
G Hewlett- T Clargo- P Marsh – E Wellington – C Phillips and T Tydeman.

The meeting was held without the aid of a microphone and PA system, for which the club apologised
Teams were asked to sign in on arrival.
Officers reports
Chairman opened the meeting and thanked all for attending. He explained it would be his last year and a new chairman would be required to stand at the next AGM.

Secretary read out his report including dates for opening the season and presentation night. The secretary asked all captains to ensure they were familiar with rules. The secretary also told the floor that from time to time he would put messages on FB, this is because we now have no forums to relay general messages. The floor were also told that although FB would remain unofficial it would not tolerate people using it for committee bashing and would remove all offenders. One person was banned for this and using derogatory language on there

Treasurer went through her report and the accounts were accepted as correct .These were proposed by S John and Seconded by R Garland. The Chairman then asked for proposals to reduce our finances and said proposals in writing prior to 2018 AGM would allow a discussion to take place.

Webmasters Report. Tony explained how the majority of issues regarding the site were now fixed and the site was running well. Some upgrades will be required and site may shut down from time to time for these to be implemented. These will normally take place between Friday evenings – Sundays, allowing results to be put in on time.

Motions for Debate:-
5 rule change proposals were sent to us, however only three were proposed and seconded. Therefore these were the only three up for discussion.

Proposal 1 proposed Cei Philips Seconded Steve Whittingham
Teams to have a maximum number of players. This was voted unamanously as no, therefore not carried.

Proposal 2 proposed Cei Phillips Seconded Tony Clargo
League to reduce ban for players from two seasons to just one season.
This was carried unamanously.

Proposal 3 proposed Rich Garland Seconded John Stinchcombe
Reduce number of legs played from 13 to 11 this was voted unanamously as no, therefore not carried.

Election of Officers
All current members were re-elected unopposed. One vacancy for a ‘General Committee Member’ was put to the floor.
Jason Heath put his name forward, and the chairman explained the committee would stand down if Jason was elected. He explained that Jasons’ lauguage and committee bashing on facebook was unacceptable and therefore should not be considered. Voices were then raised and the chairman without a microphone did his best to explain why we came to this decision and repeated the foul language used by way of an explanation.
Ben Narborough also stood and eventually a vote took place with Jason being allowed to stand.
Ben Narborough won the majority of votes and was duly elected to the committee.

The Chairman closed the AGM @ 9.50pm

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