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Hi Guys,

During our recent committee meeting, we discussed the amount of surplus cash we now have in our account. In recent times we have upgraded our trophies and they now look very nice, upgraded our website, and added several things to it, but still, we have money to use.
We decided we would, therefore, make Summer 2020 season completely free to enter, free to enter the league, free to enter singles and free to enter doubles. Our league rules regarding non-attendance obviously still apply.
Please note the league format is still 13 singles for this Summer.
It is an opportunity to give something back to those who have supported us throughout the years. Obviously, this will reduce our account excess.
Registration will still be via and notices will be put on both sites along with the Facebook page, when things are ready for registering.
We thought we should let everyone know ASAP and we will also advertise this on the Facebook page and we will try and get this in the Mercury, to try and get some new blood into our league.
For further details please contact the League Secretary whose number is on the site.

A few things to bring to your attention.


Some are selecting the latest score checkbox when entering results.  If your score is set as the latest score, it will not show in the match result pages nor will it be registered on the league table.  Its intention is for teams who want to enter results 1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 3-1 etc. the final score is just that.  When entering the final score do not select the latest score.

Singles and Doubles Entries.

We are starting individual entries for these.  Which will mean no more 1 person entering a list of players, sometimes without their knowledge, which has caused issues.  You will have to register yourself or your doubles team. 
Online Payments

We are looking at a way to introduce online payments.

Registering Teams

All teams will need to register before registration night.  There is not much time between seasons and we want to make sure we have time to sort divisions and fixtures for the Summer 2020 Season.



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