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weston pool league


Registration and Presentation night

Tuesday 17 September 2019

20:00 for registration, 21:00 (approx) for presentation.

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Rule 5 (Reporting of Results)

Winning team to correctly enter result a.s.a.p. but in any case by noon on Thursday immediately following the match.

Teams not complying with rule 5.1 will be deducted two points.

The onus is on you to make sure a result is submitted correctly.


 Any problems the ticket system is the one to use.  Not facebook posts/messages.


Results for Cups

Date Of Match Which Cup/Shield Home Team Home Score Away Team Away Score Submitted By
07-05-2019 Forresters Blackbirds 7 Kingsmen 0 Rich cordy
07-05-2019 Forresters Ministry of pool 7 Royal family 0 Michael skittrall
07-05-2019 Gifford Tavern townie No Show Original headcases 7 Robert gerrett
06-04-2019 Baxter Stubs 7 Headhunters 5 Craig Lovely
02-04-2019 Workingmens De-Ciders 4 Gurneys 7 Wai Lau
02-04-2019 Workingmens Sons of Anarchy 7 Kingsmen 4 Alan Llewellyn
02-04-2019 Baxter Anti socials 5 Headhunters 7 RebelT
02-04-2019 Baxter Seagulls 6 Stubs 7 Craig Lovely
26-03-2019 Hewlett Sons of Anarchy 7 Scrotes 4 Alan Llewellyn
19-03-2019 Hewlett Sons of Anarchy 7 Terrys Tantrums 5 Alan Llewellyn
19-03-2019 Hewlett Scrotes 7 AFD’S 4 Vowlesy