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New List of submitted 8 Balls

Date of Match: Match Type Team Name: Player
06-11-2018 Hewlett cup Pumpers Reggie Williams
30-10-2018 League Pumpers Jake Bushby
31-10-2018 League Skinny dippers Paul nuccoll
30-10-2018 League Cardboard Cutouts Martyn Gavin
30-10-2018 League Cardboard Cutouts Jason Crandon
30-10-2018 league Skinny Dippers Paul Nuccoll
30-10-2018 League Gurneys Dan Howe
23-10-2018 League Gurneys Rob Painter
23-10-2018 League Smash Dave Blake
21-10-2018 Singles Gurneys Paul Sturmey
11-10-2018 league 6 anti aocals Ben puttnam
02-10-2018 Hewlett Cup Smash John Gilbert