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New List of submitted 8 Balls

Date of Match: Match Type Team Name: Player
12-02-2019 League Old kings headcases Shane Druce
12-02-2019 Cat 2 doubles Anti socals Jason marsh
05-02-2019 League Scrotes Kyle Selman
05-02-2019 League Gurneys Paul Sturmey
05-02-2019 league chalk up shaun williams
22-01-2019 League Scrotes Luke vinnecombe
22-01-2019 League Scrotes Kyle Selman
22-01-2019 League Scrotes Jon Davies
15-01-2019 League Not Another Allstars Team Tony Eardly
08-01-2019 Cup Gurneys Dan Howe
18-12-2018 Hewlett Cup Scrotes Kyle Selman
11-12-2018 League Gurneys Dan Howe
27-11-2018 Baxter’s cup Anti social Jason marsh
21-11-2018 league 6 anti socials Tony williams
18-11-2018 Doubles Cat 2 32-8 Frames Fugitives John Quick
18-11-2018 doubles cat 2 anti socials tony williams
13-11-2018 League Smash John Gilbert
06-11-2018 Hewlett cup Pumpers Reggie Williams
30-10-2018 League Pumpers Jake Bushby
31-10-2018 League Skinny dippers Paul nuccoll