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Knowledge Base - Rule 3 (Qualification of players)

  1. Registration of new players will be allowed at any time during the season. All signings must be completed at least 24 hrs prior to the match by adding to the players list. Failure to follow these instructions will result in general rule no. 3.2 being applied if the player in question plays in any match.
  2. Penalty for playing an unregistered player – all points and the match awarded to opposing team, plus, any legs involving the unregistered player plus a further two points deducted from offending team.
  3. Players must be over the age of 14 yrs in order to play in the league, but teams with players under 18 should check with landlords / ladies prior to travelling to a venue as some landlords or venues may adopt different standards for their own reasons or licensing limitations. – If a landlord / lady refuses entry to a player under 18 the league will / can not over rule the decision.
  4. A team must register a minimum of 7 players, for it’s entry into the league to be considered.
  5. Once a team captain has entered name/names into the singles/doubles competitions, no alterations/amendments will be allowed.
  6. Transferring teams during a season will not be permitted.