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reg night


It is your responsibility to ensure teams and players are entered prior to attending.

A team must register a minimum of 7 players, for it’s entry into the league to be considered.

Registration night is a time to turn up and pay the fee's.

Tuesday 20th March 2018 20:00-21:00

Team and Player Registration is now set up and ready

Existing teams need to start here.

 Brand new teams need to start here.

Application by Teams for membership to the League must be made at or before registration night and must be accompanied by the due fee's. In the event of them withdrawing or being removed from the League, the league fees are non refundable.

It is your responsibility to ensure teams and players are entered prior to registration night. 

We also need to know your preferred opposites. 

These will not be chased and unless you tell us, will be randomly selected.

All the necessary links are in the main navigation of the site.adam


Under the league menu, links to view singles and doubles already entered.  Also the season list can be found to join the new season

Don't forget to add the players after the team has joined the season.

Singles, doubles registration etc are obviously under the forms menu.

Any problems please submit a support ticket.


No site related problems will be addressed on registration night for the duration of the cup final.

We have 358 guests and 3 members online