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weston pool league


Rule 5 (Reporting of Results)

Winning team to correctly enter result a.s.a.p. but in any case by noon on Thursday immediately following the match.

Teams not complying with rule 5.1 will be deducted two points.

The onus is on you to make sure a result is submitted correctly.


 Any problems the ticket system is the one to use.  Not facebook posts/messages.



To Be Played

 Tuesday 3rd Sep 2019 20:00

Venue Allstars

FINAL - Best of 13 frames

Motley Crew  Vs Jolly Ball Benders 

Last 32                                                                    

Chalk Up                                                                   Bye

Windsor Whackers                                                    Bye

Usual Suspects                                                         Bye

Tavern A Laugh                                                        Bye

Foo'cue                                                                    Bye

Nice Rack                                                                 Bye

Motley Crew                                            1       7       Deep Screw

Frames Fugitives                                     5       7       Claremont Seamen

Almighty Allstars 2.0                                4       7       Stubs

Great Whites                                           7       4       Inbetweeners

Milton Mad Dogs                                     S       S       Not Another Allstars Team

Pool Britannia                                          7       6       Reds

Scallys Bar                                              7       4       Original Headcases

Blackbirds                                               7       3       Scalleys Others

Seagulls                                                  7       3       Skinny Dippers

Headhunters                                           7       3       Weston Social Club