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 Tuesday, 02 July 2019 20:00

Two results submitted late resulting in two byes

Draw for Quarter finals KO Draw for Gifford (straight knockout)

Bye v Jolly Ball Benders
Claremont Seaman v Inbetweeners
Motley Crew v Allstars Shockers
Bye v Headhunters

Last 32                                                                    

Chalk Up                                                                   Bye

Windsor Whackers                                                    Bye

Usual Suspects                                                         Bye

Tavern A Laugh                                                        Bye

Foo'cue                                                                    Bye

Nice Rack                                                                 Bye

Motley Crew                                            1       7       Deep Screw

Frames Fugitives                                     5       7       Claremont Seamen

Almighty Allstars 2.0                                4       7       Stubs

Great Whites                                           7       4       Inbetweeners

Milton Mad Dogs                                     S       S       Not Another Allstars Team

Pool Britannia                                          7       6       Reds

Scallys Bar                                              7       4       Original Headcases

Blackbirds                                               7       3       Scalleys Others

Seagulls                                                  7       3       Skinny Dippers

Headhunters                                           7       3       Weston Social Club