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weston pool league


Registration and Presentation night

Tuesday 17 September 2019

20:00 for registration, 21:00 (approx) for presentation.

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New system

Don't forget there is a new system for registering teams from the Winter 2019 Season. (There is an FAQ in development)

You have

to register your team or ask questions

Due to moving to a new system, we need a little more time this season to produce the fixture list.

This is because it is being done in a different and completely new way.

Therefore we are having to close registrations on Sunday 15th Sept @ Midnight.

AGM Proposals (22 topics)

All proposers and seconders must attend the AGM
Proposals to add, delete or amend any of the rules of the League must be posted and seconded in the relevant forum topic no later than one week before the Annual General Meeting. (Minimum 2 years before repeat proposals)

Summer 2019 (9 topics)

Re: Singles ko
by Tom Vowles
4 weeks 12 hours ago

Summer 2018 (5 topics)

Use the below categories for your posts. All off topic posts will be deleted. Don't forget. Proposer and seconder must attend the AGM for proposals to be heard.
Re: Individual Player Stats
by Tom Vowles
1 year 2 weeks ago

Summer 2017 (8 topics)

Use the below categories for your posts. All off topic posts will be deleted.
Re: Prospoal 6
by RebelT
2 years 1 week ago

No-one likes to play the heavy or to censor the contributions that people make to the forum. However, intelligent people know where the line is and how to behave accordingly. There are a thousand ways to say things and people's vocabularies, I'm sure, are richer than merely grabbing any four-letter word they like simply because they're lazy and can't express themselves in a better way.
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