Please use the Ticket system whenever possible. Telephone: 07915 647317 not after 9pm (11:30pm on Tuesdays)

Don't forget to report to the MC or you risk being scratched.  It's not down to the MC to find you.

Any player/team unable to attend their fixture must contact 07715636595 by text BEFORE 5PM on the day of the fixture.

Any player failing to attend and/or reporting to the MC by the deadline of 7:30pm will be scratched from the competition. They will also incur a penalty of a 1 point deduction for their respective league team.

Report means making sure the MC knows you’re there.

Sunday 10th November 19:30 32-8

1 Mark Harris Ben narbrough
2 Daniel Skinner Darren skinner
3 Tich Williams & Jason marsh
4 Niel lucas & Nigel dymock
5 Paul rossiter & John Bradbury
6 Ben putman & Ben greogory
7 Paul Penhale and Alex Cameron
8 Kerry Cross and Malcolm Dorrington
9 Craig Davies and Matt Heal
10 Joe Findlay and Alex Findlay
11 Wai Lau & Brent Holbrook
12 Paul Sturmey & Dan Howe
13 Jeff Jones & Ryan Carlier
14 Tom Perrett & Brad Kemp
15 Martin Rogers & Chris Parsons
16 Darren Selman Mark Bell
17 Adrian Smith and Tom Lucas
18 Paul Walter’s liam hughes
19 Rich cordy nick sibley

Sunday 17th November 19:30 32-8

1 Dan Major / Phil Collins
2 Dave Hudson /Jon Hudson
3 Sean Race / Michael Russell
4 Alan Holloway & Tim Cameron
5 Shaun Williams & John Stinchcombe
6 Kyle Jones & Steve Otto
7 Cei Phillips & John Quick
8 Daz MacIntosh & Nick Davidson
9 Tony and Pauline Tydeman
10 Colin Tydeman and John Mitchell
11 Tariq Enan + Anthony Fisher
12 Andrew Clarke + Aaron Clarke
13 Matt Gustar + Adam James
14 Ash Warwick Aaron Moloney
15 Lee James mark west
16 Jack Osborne jack Wilcox
17 James Cooke Jordan briar
18 Chas dicks and Jon Wilkins
19 Jim Nott / Chadd Heath
20 Jason Heath / Dave Butler
21 Steve Penn / George Panayi
22 Brendan Sheridan & Ashley Beynon
23 Dan Webber & Mark Johnson

It is the winners responsibility to ensure the result is submitted.

If an opponant failed to show up, please put this in the comments box.

Deadline for result 12:00, on the Thursday following the match.

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