Due to circumstances beyond our control. All League activity has been suspended until further notice. Updates, when we have them, will be on this site and the facebook page There are many calls asking when the league will restart. WE JUST DON’T KNOW we are waiting for Boris to make an announcement on this

g) Rule 7 (Venues and changes of venues)

  1. All teams must register their home venue with the league.
  2. The minimum desirable requirement for an acceptable venue shall be:
  3. A seven-foot table being the recommended size.
  4. The match table shall be level and have a surface of reasonable quality.
  5. The table shall be clearly marked and maintained in a clean and well-presented manner.
  6. A rest and spider must be made available.
  7. Only balls coloured yellow and red are accepted by this league (i.e. no spots and stripes)
  8. League match venues must have a clearance of at least three feet 7ins. (1100mm) around the whole of the table. Existing league venues will be granted exemption (original 3-foot rule still applies), however, they will not be considered for preliminary rounds of the Singles/Pairs. Cup matches un-affected.
  9. If a team changes venue during a season, a minimum of seven days notice is required.

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