All League activity has been suspended until further notice. Updates, when we have them, will be on this site and the facebook page.

d) Rule 4 (Referees and Disputes)

  1. Each team will supply a referee (home team to be 1st ref, away team to be 2nd ref i.e. timekeeper).
  2. In the event of a dispute, the referee shall consult the playing rules before making a decision. If an agreement cannot be reached, the referee’s original decision shall stand and the frame shall continue. The two team captains shall make a report in writing to the secretary. On receipt of such a report, the league committee shall rule on the correct course of action.
  3. Any disputes about individual frames are not in themselves reason enough for a match to be abandoned.  Any team refusing to complete a match because of such dispute will forfeit any outstanding frames.
  4. The committee will consider any report of players or teams bringing the league into disrepute and any action as deemed necessary and appropriate will be taken. This may include banning players or teams from the league (note if teams are banned or drop out of the league no monies will be refunded)

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