All League activity has been suspended until further notice. Updates, when we have them, will be on this site and the facebook page.

b) Rule 2 (Arrangements for and commencement of matches)

  1. All matches are to commence by 8 pm on Tuesdays and 7.30 pm on Sundays unless otherwise instructed or previously agreed.
  2. Rearranging of matches is not allowed.
  3. All matches to be valid must be completed before the last scheduled league match date on the current fixture list.
  4. Teams must have a player present and ready to commence the match within 5 minutes of the start time otherwise the team at fault will forfeit the first frame. (Applies to both home and away teams)
  5. The first frame having been defaulted, the second frame will be forfeit if the match has not been started 10 minutes after the start time. (Please note this does not allow a Captain to wait 5 minutes in between frames, A captain must have his next player ready following the conclusion of the frame being played. Five and Ten minutes only apply to the start of the match.)
  6. If no team members have arrived 15 minutes after the start time, they will forfeit the match.
  7. Unfinished league matches on Tuesdays must be completed on the Thursday night immediately following. Only players who were in the venue at the time the game was stopped are eligible to play on the Thursday. Matches can continue after normal pub time so long as all parties agree (i.e. Landlords / Ladies & Capts.) If a team cannot fulfil the game on the Thursday then the opposing team will claim any remaining legs or points.
  8. It shall be the responsibility of the home team to cover table fees.
  9. It is up to individual landlords / ladies as to whether food is supplied at cup matches or not.
  10. Doubles: – once a member of the team addresses the table they are not allowed to consult with anyone until the visit is complete. Breach of rule will incur firstly a warning and then on second occasion a foul consisting of two visits. On third occasion the frame will be awarded to opponents. Any time used for discussion by partners will be included within the 1 minute allowed to play the shot.
  11. Individual & doubles k.o: – players involved in these competitions must report to the m.c prior to commencement time stated on draw sheets (i.e. 7.30 pm Sundays 8 pm Tuesdays) failure to report will result in disqualification. Note for doubles, both members of team must report (1 is not sufficient)
  12. It is up to landlords / ladies whether persons that are barred from their premises are allowed to play in a match or not, the committee will not attempt to alter this decision.
  13. Transferring teams during a season will not be permitted.
  14. Players entered into Singles / Doubles will attract a 1 point deduction for their team by performing a no show.(No Show: – Any player/team unable to attend their fixture failing to inform The Secretary by 5pm on the day of the fixture at the latest. AND/OR Any player failing to attend or report to the MC by the deadline of 7:30pm)
  15. Singles format up to Quarter Finals best of 5 frames; Quarter Finals best of 7 frames; Semi Final best of 9 frames and the Final to be best of 11 frames.
    Doubles format up to Quarter Finals best of 5 frames; Quarter Finals best of 5 frames; Semi Final best of 7 frames and the Final to be best of 9 frames.

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