All League activity has been suspended until further notice. Updates, when we have them, will be on this site and the facebook page.

j) Rule 10 (Trophies to be awarded)

  1. Ten player trophies will be awarded to players of the winning and runner-up teams in each division.  These trophies may be kept.
  2. The league will award team trophies to the winning and runner-up team in each division, to be kept for one year only.  These trophies will remain the property of the Weston Super Mare Pool League at all times and must be surrendered on request by the league. All perpetual trophies are to be kept at the pub where the team played.
  3. An 8 ball break player award is awarded to the player clearing all his / her own colours plus the black legally from the break-off shot only. Without using the two-visit rule. Capts. Must endorse card to count for trophy.
  4. Any team in possession of a league trophy will take proper care of it and will bear the cost of replacing or repairing it should it become lost or damaged.

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