All League activity has been suspended until further notice. Updates, when we have them, will be on this site and the facebook page.

New AGM Voting system/experiment

You need to be logged in to vote.

  • Only teamname1 or teamname2 will be accepted
  • It is expected that all votes will be honest. We have a list of attendees which will be checked and compared to votes
  • Passwords for teamname will be announced on the night.

Facebook Warrior

Proposer AND Seconders need to be present for proposal to be heard.

teamname means if your team is called Social Misfits the the login names for your team to vote are socialmisfits1 and socialmisfits2.  All w2019 teams names have been registered.

Passwords for teamname is : votetesting

anyone can vote on this one but only once. 🙂


So when do you think the next season will be?  We seem to be going back again so Winter 2020 isn't going to happen.

Below is post vote

Proposal 1

Proposal 1 will go here.

This is what people will see after the vote.

The vote has closed!

This will usually be set for voting on the night after previous vote

Proposal 2

Proposal 2 will go here.

This is for a future vote

The voting has closed!

This one needs your teamname login. Again one vote per team name. Lets put the proposal here which caused such controversy

Proposal 3

I propose we consider a possible change of league format. we vote on the following options

option 1

we stay as we are 13 singles for winter and summer leagues.

option 2

winter stays at 13 singles as it is now

summer moves to 5 singles - 3 doubles - 5 singles

this means summer will only require 6 players and not 7

if passed a rule amendment will come into place regarding number of players required.

It will be 7 for Winter, 6 for Summer league.

Just playing with colours


Proposal 4 will go here