AGM Minutes 2019

Weston Pool League AGM 20th August 2019                       Meeting Start Time: 8.15pm

Committee attendee’s: Tony Clargo, Tony Tydeman, Cei Phillips, Janice Davies and Emma Wellington.

Chairman opens the meeting and informs us of committee changes. Paul Marsh has resigned for personal reasons. Tony Clargo will take the chairman position and Emma will assume the role of Secretary.

Register of Attendance

All present apart from Members Mob, Milton Mad Dogs, Royal Family and Windsor Whackers.

Minutes of Last Meeting

Members asked to propose they are accurate                    Proposer: Kev Place

                                                                                                         Seconder: Jason Heath

Chairman’s Report

There was no chairman’s report.

Secretary Report

The secretary said how he had emailed all captains before the AGM with some of the proposals so that they could discuss with their teams before the meeting. He was disappointed with the presentation night and the amount of trophies left behind. Informed meeting that trophies will be issued at registration night. It had been a quiet season and a reminder that committee are volunteers. Quite a lot of complaints about byes, we will try and eradicate some of these in winter. A thank you to Paul Busby for attending Somerset meetings.

Treasurer Report

Has taken control of the account.

 Asked to propose that they are accurate                             Proposer: Roy Sharpe

                                                                                                         Seconder: Alan Llewelyn


No County Report

Webmaster Report

Webmaster has been looking at ways to improve the site. There will be a new team registration and results and player stats and maybe a live results where you enter as you go. Also a new app for mobiles. Also looking at an online payment system.


Proposal 1 & 2 not discussed as Seconder was not present

Proposal 3 & 4 to stay as 13 singles or move summer to 5 singles, 3 doubles and 5 singles

For staying current system: 32

To Change: 34                                  Motion carried to play 5-3-5

Proposal 5 to introduce a plate for losers of prelim and 1st round of Hewlett cup

                                                            For Plate: 52

                                                            Against: 4                                          Motion Carried for Plate

Proposal 6 Proposer declined

Proposal 7 Change presentation night to start at 8pm

                                                            For: Unanimous                               Motion carried

Proposal 8 Committee to be 5 members.

                                                            For: Unanimous                               Motion carried

Election of Officers

There was no election of officers.

Chairman closed meeting at 9pm

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